Doris Aldrich is instrumental in improving the lives of hundreds of women throughout the world. One of today’s most effective visionaries, Mrs. Aldrich has devoted her life to freeing abused and impoverished women from their misery.

In 1984, Doris toured the rural areas of Turkey and witnessed first hand the extreme poverty and mistreatment of the women. Her life was changed. A new determination was born. As a result, Women to the World, Inc., a faith-based, not-for-profit charitable organization was founded in 1985. Its mission is to rescue women from poverty, dependence and abuse. Emphasizing “Women” in the name, along with a female-controlled Board of Directors has enabled Women to the World, Inc. to be invited into certain countries and cultures that otherwise restrict male-led organizations.

For many years Women to the World, Inc. has provided short term developmental training programs to remote and poor villages. These training programs included basic disease prevention through hygiene training, infant health care, pre-natal care, project feasibility and design, and micro enterprise, to name only a few. Working with government officials, representatives of Women to the World, plan and organize these programs. Together, government officials and Women to the World meet with the village leaders, building trust in order to train and implement the programs for successful measurement of results.

Under Doris Aldrich’s guidance and leadership, Women to the World, Inc. more recently has undertaken permanent, long-term projects in specifically targeted countries. Due to her painstaking personal efforts, Women to the World, Inc. is formally registered with each of the following governments as Non-Governmental Organization (NGO): Afghanistan (Ministries of Economy, Health, and Women’s Affairs) Burkina Faso, Africa (Ministry of Internal Development) Kenya, Africa (Ministry of Education) United States (Internal Revenue Service, 501(c)3 Charitable Organization)

Kabul, Afghanistan. A women’s technical and language center in “war-torn” Kabul, Afghanistan, was opened prior to 2003. More than 800 women have benefited from English and computer skill training through the Center. In 2008, a second center for literacy and micro tailoring was established. In 2008 Doris successfully obtained Afghanistan governmental approval for a hospital specifically organized to treat women and children. Afghanistan’s culture does not allow male medical professionals to treat female patients; therefore women receive little or no medical treatment from the public hospitals in Afghanistan. This hospital is located in Kabul, Afghanistan, and treats women and female children without cultural or gender discrimination.

Burkina Faso, Africa. In 2007, a technical academy in Burkina Faso, Africa, with enrollment of 175 students, came under the covering of Women to the World, Inc. Most students have experienced the horrors of sex trafficking or female genital mutilation. Students study accounting, bookkeeping, computer skills, office management, and language (English and French). Their hope is employment in vocational areas of need throughout their developing homeland.

Animal husbandry programs and agricultural green house micro businesses also benefit nearby villages in West Africa. A recently purchased fruit farm will be used as a training program in micro-enterprise.

Kenya, Africa. March 2009, Mrs. Aldrich will travel to Kenya to establish a Micro Craft Enterprise for the poorest women, many of whom are HIV positive. Doris and her team will teach the women how to design, produce and market the crafts. An educational and nutritional program for HIV positive orphans will also be established through an advisory committee of USAID. Doris is optimistic about the success of these two projects because of the pre-planning and personal interest in the projects by the Kenyan Embassy to the United States.

Athens, Georgia. Partnering Ambassadors for Life and Service (PALS) was created in 2007, by Mrs. Aldrich, as a local chapter of Women to the World, Inc. with a mission consistent with the spirit of Rotary, International - to encourage youth in their quest for academic and vocational stability. PALS provides GED preparation and testing; a life-skill curriculum, custom designed for PALS; and technical training through computer vocational instruction. The goal of PALS is to benefit the student’s search for continued adult education and/or employment. PALS requires attendance to the Life Skill Principle Segment for all enrollees. No tuition or fees are required from the student. All mentors are professional educators and serve the PALS program as volunteers. The program was conceived in hope, that through committed community leaders, disenfranchised youth would be given a second chance to mature through academic freedom, and become a positive influence in their communities.

All enrollees are assigned a personal mentor, and no applicant is rejected from the program. All ages are accepted. See

As a result of this program of excellence, Doris was awarded the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Pioneer Award, and also nominated for the Athena Award for 2008, by the Athens Area Chamber of Commerce.

Lexington, Georgia. Mrs. Aldrich has agreed to help lead her local Oglethorpe County Rotary Club in joining Rotary International and the Gate’s Foundation in the fight to eradicate polio in Afghanistan. Rotary International has been a leader since 1985 in eradicating polio throughout the world. Today, the world is polio free with the exception of five countries, which includes Afghanistan. Often distribution of the vaccine is difficult, due to cultural and social restraints. The charitable efforts of Women to the World has secured a nation-wide organizational structure in Afghanistan. Doris will use her substantial influence and contacts in that country, to distribute the polio vaccine, medical supplies and treatment to where it is needed: through the hospital and county-wide health service partners. Doris, through her organization and others in the Oglethorpe County Rotary Club working with District 6910 and Rotary International, may be the vital link in helping to eradicate polio in Afghanistan.

Mrs. Aldrich requires all projects be managed by nationals, with the hope of building awareness of the value of community leadership. Nevertheless, Doris travels to each project at least once annually for personal review and evaluation of the progress of all projects and to encourage the workers.

“It takes a community of individuals and organizations to undertake such immense challenges” says Doris, “and that is why I am so thankful to all the partners that have responded to our invitation to participate in very specific ways to the success of these projects.” A partial list of these partners include:

Centurion Poultry, Inc.
CYMA, Inc.
Athens Digital Systems -PALS Athens
CASAS Language Program -PALS Athens
CVS Pharmacies – PALS Athens
Jackson Electrical Membership Corporation/Project Roundup – PALS Athens
The Sparrow’s Nest - PALS Athens
Wal-Mart – PALS Athens
Counterpart International -Aid to Afghanistan
Morningstar Development -Afghanistan
Schwab Foundation –Afghanistan
TOEFL International - Afghanistan Project
United Nations/UNIFEM – Afghanistan Project
U.S. Congress Denton Program – Afghanistan
U.S. Embassy, Afghanistan
U.S. Military Units -Afghanistan
World Food Program – Afghanistan
Equipping the Saints -Tajikistan and Afghanistan
CADA - Tajikistan Relief Distribution
Widow and Youth Forum -Turkey
Athens Technical Institute - Burkina Faso, Africa
Embassy of Kenya, U.S. - Africa
Embassy of Burkina Faso, U.S. - Africa

Following is a partial list of Community organizations have acknowledged the importance of the work Doris Aldrich is accomplishing through her local community and around the world. The Athens Chamber of Commerce has nominated her for the very prestigious Athena Award. The Athens Area Human Resource Council presented Doris the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Service Pioneer Award. Athens Classic Center, Total You Women’s Expo 2008, named Women to the World, Inc. the “Charity of the Year”.

Doris Aldrich has been actively involved in her community having served as: a panel contributor for the White House Faith Based Initiative; Director on the University of Georgia International Council Board; Member of the National Minority Aids Council; Member of Concerned Christians for Afghanistan (CCA), to mention a few. Mrs. Aldrich has also worked with The World Poultry Association, U.S. State Department, U.S. Embassy of Peru, UNIFEM of the United Nations, U.S. Embassy of Afghanistan, National Council of Non Profits, Leadership Initiative Group, and many other national and international organizations.

Doris is also an astute businesswoman. She has started and operated five successful businesses, and has been a consultant to such businesses as The Belk Group, Baldwin Piano and Organ Company, Athens based ComputerLand, and The World Refugee Relief Organization. Mrs. Aldrich has been the guest speaker at the Georgia Veterinarian Association; Concerned Christians for Afghanistan; Turkish Poultry Association; World Poultry Association; U.S. Business Men’s Association; local Rotary Clubs; Chambers of Commerce events; Library Associations; and Capitol City Speaker‘s Association (Washington, D.C.), to name a few.